We have found a unique place on the west coast with a “boma” on the beach that serves delicious mussels and oysters

West Coast Mussels & Oysters On The Beach

Rates subject to increase on 1 September 2024

About the tour

The Mussel and oyster beds are farmed right in front of the property, so they are noticeably in a league of their own, and of course, freshness isn’t a problem. You’ll leave the V&A Waterfront Heli base and fly up the West Coast to Saldanha Bay, to be met by your hosts Kyle and Marti. This is one of those experiences where we prefer to say less and let the pictures tell the story. We can guarantee that this is not “standard seafood” offering. This experience includes the flight, the delicious meal of Mussels and Oysters (prepared in a bouma) and champagne (with some starters of bread and smoked fish) as well as soft drinks. The majority of food will be served on the beach, weather permitting. We’re looking forward to welcoming you, we encourage you to bring along the following: a sun hat, sunglasses, sunblock, a swimming costume (towels are available), a fully charged phone for pictures and videos, a light jersey and a sense of adventure.

Duration: Approx 4-5 hours *including ground time: 3-4 hours


Flights are subject to weather conditions. A full refund will be provided where rescheduling of flights is unavailable.


Important Information

Check In Time

Please check in 20-30 minutes minutes prior to your scheduled Take Off time. This will allow enough time for us to take weights, conduct a safety briefing and issue tickets. After this has been conducted you can relax on the viewing deck and take some great pre-flight pictures and enjoy the atmosphere.

Best Pictures

For the best pictures we recommend that you wear darker coloured clothing as whites reflect off the inside of the windows and can spoil that epic shot.


Please be aware that seating allocation on all our sharing flights are done according to weight and balance which is done during your safety briefing and ticketing. Should you want to choose your own seats you can book an Exclusive Flight at the cost of one additional seat and you are guaranteed the ‘best seats in the house.


All flights are weather dependent. Should the conditions not be ideal for flying we will try to reschedule to the next best available flight window. Note that the temperature in the sky is exactly the same as on the ground in case you are wondering what to wear.