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Why Fly With Cape Town Helicopters?

The helicopter you fly in has a huge impact on the quality of your air-tour experience. Compare Cape Town
Helicopters’ state-of-the-art helicopters with some other tour helicopters used in Cape Town.

Eco-friendly tourism

Leading the way in responsible tourism in
South Africa.

With the Cape Peninsula being declared a nature reserve it has been imperative to fly helicopters that have the least impact on the environment.

Cape Town Helicopters has taken the lead in Cape Town by purchasing a range of Airbus Helicopters. These machines are some of the few helicopters in the world that are certified to operate in noise sensitive areas. They are certified at 86 decibels flying at 1500 feet. This is the accepted noise limit for sensitive areas. So when you fly with us you are not spoiling someone else’s day in the Cape Peninsula Nature Reserve.

Airbus EC 120 & 130 Helicopters

"...the best tourist helicopters in the world"

The introduction of the incredible new Airbus fleet is the dawn of a new are in helicopter touring. Since the early 1990's. the Airbus has been the tour helicopter of choice for professional tour operations worldwild.

At cape town helicopters it is the standard-favoured by customer for its open cabin design that affords a 180° sweeping view for each passenger. This feature has been father enhenced in the revolutionary new Airbus 120 and 130- the first touring helicopter of the 21st Century.

Fly State-Of-The-Art

Fenestron Tail Rotor

The forefront of eco-friendly aviation

Airbus 120/130 make use of the high-tech, enclosed "Fenestron," or "Fan in Fin," which replaces conventional tail rotor systems. Fenestron is: Safer, Quieter and More efficient— using 25% less engine horsepower, which can now be utilized by the main rotor system.

Unevenly spaced blades break the frequency to allow for lower levels of noise output. Operating below 86 decibels, it is one of the few machines allowed to operate in sensitive areas.

BOSE Aviation-grade headsets

Top of the range, noise-cancelling headsets

These aren't the $300 consumer models available to the public. Cape Town Helicopters spends approximately $1000 for each of these aviation-grade headsets—ten times what typical tour helicopter headsets cost. But the difference is so incredible that we couldn't allow ourselves to outfit our guests with anything less. Cape Town Helicopters guarantees that every passenger on every one of our helicopters will fly with a Bose headset.

The Bose system electronically "reads" all outside noise, then generates the precise opposing frequency wave-form to cancel that noise before it ever reaches your ears. You'll arrive home rested and uplifted, without the noise exhaustion common in helicopters.

RuggedVideo™ camera systems

The future of onboard video

Each of our helicopters is fitted with a $10 000 camera system from Rugged Video™. Each tour is recorded on a memory stick. Four, 3CCD chip cameras are mounted in the helicopter, one in the nose, one on each side of the helicopter and one in the cockpit. The pilot selects the appropriate camera during the tour with a toggle switch mounted on the flight controls to capture the most interesting scene during the tour.

Brief takes are made of passengers during the tour to capture expressions to what you are seeing. All music, pilot narration and the microphone communication between you and the pilot are recorded. The music is specially chosen to compliment the changing scenery. For further detail see

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Know Your Aircraft before You Fly

  • Airbus EC120/130 offers 23% increase in cabin space over the its competitors wihich afford significantly greater personal space for guests, with improved visibility with over square metres of glass for 180 degree unobstructed views.
  • Airbus 120and 130 features superior comfort; individual seats for every passenger afforrd the kind of shoulder room and personal space found in airline "First Class" seating.
  • The Airbus 120and 130 features raised rear seating and wrap-around glass cockpit, forsignificantly improved visibility fromevery seat.
  • First Airbus helicopter specifically designed for touring, utilising the latest Aircraft and avionics technologies.
  • The Airbus 130 makes use of state-of-the-artfuel control automatically optimises main rotor speed for quietest operations and instant power response. Achied with a "Full Authority Digital Electronic Control " (FADEC), utilising dual Electronic channels with one electrical backup channel and third hydro-mechanical backup control.
  • Airbus engine uses latest "Grown Crystal" technology for turbine blades —increasing power, heat tolerance and fuel efficiency. This, along with the FADEC, is the same technology used in state-of-the-art airline engines such those on the leading-edge Boeing 777.
  • Airbus features dual hydraulic systems on the EC130
  • Airbus 130 cost is over $2 million and the Airbus 120 cost is the above $1.2 million.