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Fire Fighting

Specialist fire fighting facility

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Fire is perhaps one of the most concerning and life-threatening elements in Cape Town. The flora and fauna that grow in in dry seasons becomes a magnet for fire fanned by the almost continuous winds. Because Cape Town is a high risk fire area fighting fires from the air is an essential requirement and Cape Town Helicopters are proud to be able to support and be actively involved in this. Cape Town Helicopters is one of Cape Town’s specialist fire fighting facilities with extensive experience and knowledge in tackling fires that can easily become out of control. Cape Town Helicopters has equipment fitted with extremely versatile Bambi Buckets a globally recognised lightweight and tough system that is easily stowed. The Bambi Bucket system is the most precise water bombing system delivering more water where it is needed with greater accuracy as well as being the most cost effective fire fighting tool in use today. The system is used in almost one hundred countries worldwide and Cape Town Helipcopters is on constant standby in fire season to ensure Cape Town is kept safe.

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