Private Robben Island Helicopter and Museum Tour

Rates subject to increase on 1 September 2024

Join us for an unforgettable experience with amazing views of the Robben Island nature conservation area, a World Heritage Site, and the notorious prison. In addition, you can enjoy sweeping 360-degree views of Cape Town when flying with Cape Town Helicopters. We will land on Robben Island. Highlights of the Private Robben Island Helicopter Tour include an aerial view and private tour of the prison, the limestone quarry, and postcard views of Cape Town. Robben Island Museum is a historical landmark and world heritage site best known as the political prison where Nelson Mandela was held captive during his 18 to 27 years imprisonment. For hundreds of years, it was a site of banishment and isolation for undesirables, a leprosy colony, and a World War II outpost. Since its establishment as a World Heritage Site, the main attraction for visitors to the island has been the maximum-security prison.

Duration: Approx. 4 hours

Highlights of the Robben Island private tour include:

  • A scenic helicopter flight to and from the V&A Waterfront.
  • Private Tour of Robben Island Village, including the Sobukhwe House, limestone quarry, etc.
  • Visit Nelson Mandela’s prison cell as part of the maximum-security prison tour.
  • Your own vehicle on the island
  • Your own private guide on the island where an ex-political prisoner will guide you at the Maximum-Security Prison, and you’ll receive unparalleled insight into the significant role that each of the Robben Island inmates collectively played throughout.


  • The tour is tailor-made to suit the guests’ needs and interests
  • Guests can charter a helicopter to land and take off from Robben Island Museum
  • Quote available on request


Flights are subject to weather conditions. A full refund will be provided where rescheduling of flights is unavailable.


Important Information

Check In Time

Please check in 20-30 minutes minutes prior to your scheduled Take Off time. This will allow enough time for us to take weights, conduct a safety briefing and issue tickets. After this has been conducted you can relax on the viewing deck and take some great pre-flight pictures and enjoy the atmosphere.

Best Pictures

For the best pictures we recommend that you wear darker coloured clothing as whites reflect off the inside of the windows and can spoil that epic shot.


Please be aware that seating allocation on all our sharing flights are done according to weight and balance which is done during your safety briefing and ticketing. Should you want to choose your own seats you can book an Exclusive Flight at the cost of one additional seat and you are guaranteed the ‘best seats in the house.


All flights are weather dependent. Should the conditions not be ideal for flying we will try to reschedule to the next best available flight window. Note that the temperature in the sky is exactly the same as on the ground in case you are wondering what to wear.