Hartenberg Wine Estate

Rates subject to increase on 1 September 2024

Discover the rich heritage and exquisite wines of Hartenberg Wine Estate, a cherished family vineyard with a history dating back to 1692. Nestled in the picturesque valley on the free-draining, north-eastern slopes of the Bottelary Hills in Stellenbosch, Hartenberg offers an idyllic setting for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

The estate enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm and dry summers, followed by cold and wet winters. This unique climate lends itself to the production of exceptional wines, particularly their renowned Shiraz and increasingly acclaimed Chardonnays.

Hartenberg is committed to regenerative agriculture, an approach that harmonizes with nature to enhance land productivity and biodiversity. Key facets of their regenerative practices include restoring soil health and fertility, increasing soil organic matter, and closing the carbon cycle. They achieve this through methods such as cover cropping, biological control, high-density controlled grazing, composting, and the elimination of copper. They also adhere to the IPW (Integrated Production of Wine) scheme codes of conduct, prioritizing sustainable wine production and responsible practices.

Water conservation is at the core of Hartenberg’s ethos. They are diligent in efforts to manage water resources, practicing conscious water usage, recycling, pressure bomb reading, and responsible irrigation. Furthermore, they actively promote the rewilding of the ecosystem while nurturing valued family and staff.

When you step through the gates of Hartenberg, you'll encounter a thriving ecosystem, home to over 75 recorded bird species, duikers, steenbok, and mongooses. The estate is also home to Cape Log ear goats, sheep, and Ankole, dexter, and Nguni cattle, adding to the charming rural atmosphere.

For a truly immersive experience, arrive at Hartenberg Wine Estate via a scenic helicopter flight with Cape Town Helicopters. Explore a range of activities, from wine tastings to cellar tours, and savor a delightful meal at their restaurant.

Booking Lead Time:
To secure your Hartenberg Wine Estate flight, please book at least 48 hours in advance to obtain landing permissions.

The Hartenberg Wine Estate, Cape Town Helicopters Flight Package includes:

  • A private helicopter flight to and from Hartenberg Wine Estate
  • A half-day experience at Hartenberg, featuring wine tasting and lunch

Helicopter Flight Time:

  • V&A Waterfront to Hartenberg Wine Estate (Approximately 20 minutes)
  • Hartenberg Wine Estate back to V&A Waterfront (Approximately 20 minutes)
  • Ground Time: Allow approximately 2.5 to 3 hours at Hartenberg Wine Estate.

Total Winelands Flight Experience: Approximately 3-4 hours in total. Please note that Cape Town Helicopters reserves the right to return the helicopter to the base if operationally required, with collection from Hartenberg Wine Estate arranged at an appointed time.

Price: R20,000 per person (USD 1,055) including lunch and wine tasting.

Indulge in the allure of Hartenberg Wine Estate, where history, nature, and exceptional wines converge to create an unforgettable experience. Book your flight and embark on a journey of taste and discovery.



Important Information

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Please check in 20-30 minutes minutes prior to your scheduled Take Off time. This will allow enough time for us to take weights, conduct a safety briefing and issue tickets. After this has been conducted you can relax on the viewing deck and take some great pre-flight pictures and enjoy the atmosphere.

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