Almenkerk Wine Estate

Rates subject to increase on 1 September 2024

Almenkerk Wine Estate is situated in the Elgin Valley and is a family-owned winery. The Belgian/Dutch van Almenkerk family immigrated to South Africa in 2002, falling completely in love with the country and its people. Natalie and Joris run the Estate, which produces apples, pears, and grapevines.

They consider themselves bon-vivants and part of their mission statement is to have lots of fun while making wine. They refuse to compromise on the quality of wine and are strongly committed to making elegant wines. Sustainability is a core value, encompassing farming practices, recycling, and their people. Almenkerk is best known for the Almenkerk Chardonnay.

The tasting room offers amazing views over the Kogelberg Biosphere and features a fun and challenging “Active@Almenkerk” hiking trail that traverses the orchards, vineyards, and wild areas of the Estate.

Elgin’s cool climate allows the grapes a longer ripening time on the vine, resulting in fully ripe grapes with moderate alcohols, crisp natural acidity, and a core of minerality in both the whites and the reds.

Vines are monitored individually (precision viticulture), and grapes are picked in small lots of uniform ripeness. Almenkerk boasts a state-of-the-art cellar nestled into the mountain slope with beautiful views of the Elgin Valley. Modern winemaking techniques are employed for white wine, resulting in refined, mineral whites. They also take a minimal interference approach, yielding balanced, elegant reds with great aging potential. The result is small quantities of top-quality, award-winning wines.

Almenkerk's integrated sustainability approach ensures a minimal impact on the environment.

Upon arrival with Cape Town Helicopters, you can enjoy a variety of activities, ranging from wine tasting to having lunch at Cheverell’s Country Café.

Booking Lead Time:
Bookings for the Almenkerk Wine Estate flight require a minimum lead time of 48 hours to obtain landing permissions from the Almenkerk Wine Estate premises.

The Almenkerk Wine Estate, Cape Town Helicopters flight package includes:

A private helicopter flight to and from Almenkerk.

A half-day experience at Almenkerk, including wine tasting and lunch at Cheverell’s Country Café (with the option to fly to the wine farm next door).

Helicopter Flight Time:

V&A Waterfront to Almenkerk Wine Estate (Approx 30 minutes)

Almenkerk Wine Estate back to V&A Waterfront (Approx 30 minutes)

Ground Time: Spend approximately 2.5 to 3 hours at Almenkerk Wine Estate.

Total Winelands Flight Experience: Approx 3-4 hours in total

Cape Town Helicopters reserves the right to bring the helicopter back to base if operationally required and will perform the collection from Almenkerk Wine Estate at an appointed time.

Price: R23,000 per person (USD 1,230)



Important Information

Check In Time

Please check in 20-30 minutes minutes prior to your scheduled Take Off time. This will allow enough time for us to take weights, conduct a safety briefing and issue tickets. After this has been conducted you can relax on the viewing deck and take some great pre-flight pictures and enjoy the atmosphere.

Best Pictures

For the best pictures we recommend that you wear darker coloured clothing as whites reflect off the inside of the windows and can spoil that epic shot.


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All flights are weather dependent. Should the conditions not be ideal for flying we will try to reschedule to the next best available flight window. Note that the temperature in the sky is exactly the same as on the ground in case you are wondering what to wear.