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Tuning the Vine

It is all about wine and Tuning the Vine is simply divine. If you’re a lover of the finer delicacies that the grape produces and have a palette to appreciate all things wine related then Tuning the Vine is something which should not be missed. You can book any 6 dates in the year, any 3 dates or any two dates, and the prices are as fine as the selections of the wines.

Tuning the Vine is not simply about tasting and spitting, drinking and experiencing an exclusive inebriation in style and incredibly well-organised perfection with a vibe which is authenticity of mother city awesomeness, no Tuning the Vine is about so much more. All tastings are included in your ticket prices, however food is not, but fear not, many of the venues that are on route provide delicious ‘on the go’ snacks for all those taking part in Tuning the Vine and travelling the #InnerCityWineRoute, it is recommended that when you have completed your tour which runs from 5:30pm to 9pm, that you have a seat at your chosen venue and have something a little more substantial to enjoy.

The entire epic voyage begins at one of the ticket stations which is located and clearly marked on the map on the website. Here, after producing your ticket you will receive a specially marked glass, a wristband and a map, so you don’t have to print one out at home. Now the journey begins, armed with your necessities for tastings you go treasure wine hunting with map in hand, those who are not skilled at reading the simplest of maps are advised to take along a handy friend who has a great sense of direction. Venues are hopped to, skipped to or strolled towards and at each one, you will be greeted with fantastic selections of wines to taste as well as most venues offering the most tasteful of meals that go with each of the wines that they offer.

The well designed easy to navigate Tuning the Vine website is always updated with each and every event that takes place. There are often exciting wine crash courses and what a better way than to learn from the winemakers themselves about their passions whilst having the privilege of tasting it there as well. Tuning the Vine is the epic voyage of adulthood treasure hunting and there is no better place for this to take place than Cape Town, the mother of all great wine stories.

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