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The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront – V&A Waterfront

Dare to dream of a place where there is a myriad choice of everything you can think of, coupled with a large amount of awesomeness and then stop dreaming because that absolutely phenomenal place is The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.

Even though it is South Africa’s most popular shopping destination, it does not stand alone as a shopping mall yet it boasts over 450 outlets. The variations in shops are as varied as the people of Cape Town, however each and every store is of the highest quality and The V&A Waterfront has a strict policy on the caliber of outlet it allows into its halls. The shopping experience whirls from exquisite shoes from the top designer boutiques, to the latest fashion, from home-ware and audiovisual tech to breathtakingly beautiful jewellery.

The Markets at The Waterfront are a prime focus to concentrate on as well. The Watershed is a large space dedicated to over 150 unique stalls, sporting over 365 brands. Not only designated for shopping, The Watershed offers a wide selection of treatments for the mind, body and soul. Then there is The V&A Food Market, showcasing 40 different street food vendors, including live music and superb craft beer in an authentic market environment. Lastly, The Barrow Court is a market of small business owners that wish to have their wares sold in The V&A Waterfront and build their presence. Some are scattered here and there around The V&A Waterfront as well, trading wide varieties of products, from jewellery to fashion even art.

Apart from the large space dedicated to The V&A Food Market, The V&A Waterfront presents over 80 fantastic eateries to choose from. From one of a kind little restaurants with flavors from heaven, to all your much loved chain restaurants such as Ocean Basket and Quay Four.

Then there is the historical side to The V & A Waterfront, home to 22 landmarks, the timeline reaches all the way back to 1654 when Jan van Riebeeck built the first jetty as a refreshment station for the East India Company. There is a fabulously interesting tour that lasts 1.5hours and covers the following places and more in the Waterfront.

  • The Clock Tower
  • The Swing Bridge
  • The African Trading port
  • The Alfred Basin
  • The Robinson Dry dock, still used daily despite being one of the oldest of its kind in the world.
  • SAS Somerset – The only boom defense vessel remaining in the world today
  • The Pump House
  • The Breakwater Prison – markings still visible on the walls from old prisoners
  • The Time Ball Tower
  • The Portswood Tunnel
  • The Rocket Shed
  • The Union Castle Building
  • The Victoria Basin

The tour ends off at Quay 5, Amphitheatre. The tour is available daily and bookings can be made by calling 021 416 6230 / 021 408 4600.

The V & A Waterfront is filled with things to do, Cape Town Helicopters have an enthralling lineup of aerial explorations to choose from and have their base on The V&A Waterfront grounds, including transport from inside the main mall to the base. There are also a thousand things for the little ones. V&A Waterfront is a playground of note for children http://www.waterfront.co.za/activities/kids-ahoy.

Lastly The V&A Waterfront has become a world on its own, including presenting the most luxury accommodation on offer by far. There are Hotels, including:

  • The Victoria & Alfred HotelHotels Waterfront
  • The Portswood Hotel
  • The Commodore Hotel
  • The Table Bay Hotel
  • The Protea Hotel
  • The Queen Victoria Hotel
  • The Dockhouse
  • The One & Only
  • The Cape Grace
  • The City Lodge

The option to acquire a place for permanent residence is definitely possible when buying an exquisite apartment at The V & A Waterfront Marina, consisting of over 500 dwelling units of unparalleled excellence and over 200 boat moorings.

To comprehend the enormity and greatness that is the V & A Waterfront, one has to come visit and explore. It is truly an experience that lacks for nothing, only offering blissful beauty of the highest standard. http://www.waterfront.co.za.

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