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The Old Biscuit Mill

Nestled in the heart of Woodstock, lies one of the more enthralling artistic hubs of Cape Town. With a wide range of day and night markets, grandly dynamic office space, myriad designer stores, divinely delicious restaurants as well as an epic lineup of festivals, events and captivating productions.

The Old Biscuit Mill used to be exactly as the name states – a biscuit mill. Built somewhere in the late 19th century, it is believed that the first company to occupy the factory was ‘Pioneer’, their predecessor was ‘Standard Mills’ and then ‘Pyotts’ ended up being the last company to use the space for factory purposes.

Some of the grand little places to visit within The Biscuit Mill are as follows:

  • Sootcookie – Designers and producers of the most delightful contemporary handmade ceramic pieces of art. Custom pieces are made on request.
  • Sensepost – Hackers and teachers. This is the place to go if you have a problem no one else can handle.
  • Paintsmiths – Brought to you by Midas Earthcote, this speciality brand has affordable stunning options for colours and higher quality than your typical hardware and paint stores.
  • HintHunt – If you thought you had run out of exciting things to do, Hinthunt is a live escape game designed for 3 – 6 people. You have 60 minutes to climb through a mountain of puzzles in a miniscule room using the minds of those with you. There are two options, a detective themed office set in the 1950’s, and The Zen room, a classic Japanese home. Cape Town has just introduced the new submarine room. Exciting and challenging stuff.
  • ArtLab – We all know how difficult it is to find a reliable large format printing company that has exquisite quality, well ArtLab is the place to meet all your printing requirements, including custom decor, wallpaper, canvas printing and fabric printing to name but a few of their products.
  • Quirkyme –   Its awesomely quirky designs and there is definitely something for everyone. We all have that inner peculiar piece to our souls, even if some of us hide it very well. Here is the place where fond smiles are found.
  • The Test Kitchen  Luke Dale Roberts’s venue has won 12th place in the San Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurants in the world Awards 2010, as well as proudly being awarded the title of Acqua Panna Best Restaurant in Africa and the Middle East. Its divine and you have to come and taste the mouth watering perfection.


Besides the above mentioned places The Old Biscuit Mill is home to designer clothing shops and scattered with scrumptious restaurants and fabulous places you simply cannot walk past. Each one with an enticing personality to welcome you in. The Old Biscuit Mill has something for every single person entering, check out their website to find out about upcoming events and specialty markets.

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