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The Iconic Lions Head

Standing on the summit of Lions Head is a thrilling feeling, the entire Cape Town is at your feet, seemingly small, buzzing and beautifully captivating. The vista of Cape Town from the Crown of Lions Head is truly beyond words, beyond photographs, it has to be experienced, you have to make the climb. It takes approximately 45min – 1.5hr to climb to the summit, and it’s not without its minor challenges of chains and ladders but it is definitely well worth it. Always remember to take water when climbing! Many a full moon sees groups of people hiking up Lions Head. The daytime hike and viewing reward is phenomenal but the full moon from the summit of Lions Head is seriously something else.

Standing proud and tall, Lions Head is 669metres above sea level or 2195ft. It is perfectly situated between Signal Hill and Table Mountain. Known by the English as Sugar Loaf in the early 17th Century, and Leeuwen Kop (Lions Head) by the Dutch, this iconic peak is covered in a multitude of fynbos and is home to a variety of small animals.

Coming to Cape Town with your bucket list ready means you have a large amount of things to accomplish, to experience and to tick off, Lions Head is definitely one of the marvelously memorable experiences that should be on the top of that list! Happy trails!

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