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The Greenhouse fine dining restaurant keeps wowing

The Greenhouse has been a staple of Cape Town’s fine dining scene for years, yet never fails to impress diners with food with a fusion of local and Asian influences given a masterful touch by executive chef Peter Tempelhoff.

Combining innovation without losing classical cooking fundamentals. That’s the goal at The Greenhouse fine dining restaurant, says executive chef Peter Tempelhoff, one of just two Relais & Châteaux Grand Chefs in South Africa. As the signature restaurant of The Cellars-Hohenort Hotel in the leafy suburb of Constantia (about 20 minutes drive from Cape Town’s city centre), The Greenhouse restaurant sets the bar high and rarely misses.

This is a Cape Town fine dining restaurant that stretches the boundaries of traditional South African cuisine, exploring local ingredients and African food traditions with a tantalising array of South African produce from the garden, bush and seashore.

A five-course tasting menu is the standard offering, with exciting dishes given equally inspiring titles. You can ‘Release the Kraken’ with octopus and ginger ink, or discover the ‘Flavours of Baklava’ as one of the two dessert courses.

“The focus of the menu is Africa, as always, with a nod to my time spent in Japan,” says Tempelhoff.

That philosophy finds expression in dishes such as ‘4 degrees of cheese’, using the most-awarded indigenous cheese in South Africa, the ‘Huguenot’ from Dalewood Fromage outside Stellenbosch on the outskirts of Cape Town.

Alongside the standard tasting menus you’ll find the signature menus that focus on vegetarian dishes; African cuisines, given a fine dining bent, of course; as well as the ‘Virtues of Dom Pérignon’ menu that pairs each dish with this acclaimed French champagne.

Another highlight on this Cape Town restaurant’s menu is the African Single Origin Coffee tasting. Tempelhoff combines remarkable coffee beans from both Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, and Rwanda to end off the Greenhouse experience in a most memorable way.

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