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The Foodbarn Deli

With an holistic and vibrantly new age approach to food and all things delicious, The Foodbarn Deli is not only a restaurant, a brilliant catering option for any and all events as well as a jam packed deli containing everything your taste buds could ever yearn for, but it is also an existence of beautiful. All the food on offer in the deli is of the best produce as well as the most beautifully presented, the same can and is said for the restaurant and the manner in which all their catering is done at every event that they have catered for. The Foodbarn deli is a food emporium that welcomes every type of taste, no matter how finicky the taste is.

The Restaurant is the deli turned even more epic for both lunch and dinner. The entire look and feel of the restaurant is clean and crisp, with the menu being filled to the brim with natural tastes, smells and textures plus added character. Each dish is presented with the utmost respect for the meal, in a savvy sort of awesome. There are a total of five menu’s available at the restaurant, one of the most interesting of them would be the La table du chef. The story behind this menu is quite unique in that in all of Cape Town this option is not available like it is at The Foodbarn Deli. Within the covers of the La table du chef are the inspirational dishes that are born from the winemaker friends of The Foodbarn Deli who present the Head Chef Franck with a bottle of vintage wine, he then sits and discusses the wine with the winemaker and all present. A dish is then born from him pushing the creative boundaries, each and every time complimenting the wine of choice perfectly.

The Deli is the place where, during the day locals, tourists, passer by’s and basically anyone and everyone can make their way inside and shop for the freshest most delicious baked and cooked products, even vegetables, fruit and a pie on the go is on the menu. The Deli provides a fresh and healthy shopping option in an exclusively gorgeous environment that always smells scrumptious enough to want to buy absolutely everything on offer. At night the Deli is transformed into a Tapas restaurant, open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 6pm. There is a celebration on at The Tapas Restaurant from time to time and so this venue becomes even more exciting. Last but without a doubt not the least is their pop up kitchen option to cater for every need when concerning home do’s or venue orientated functions, how it works is that The Foodbarn Deli sets up their kitchen at your venue of choice, writes the menu as discussed on their blackboard and serves excellence when you are ready. Whether you are wanting to shop for delicious tasty bits and bites, sit down and eat those very bits and bites in dishes made for kings and queens or you have a function to impress upon, The Foodbarn Deli is definitely the best choice in every regard. Visit their website on www.thefoodbarn.co.za

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