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The Castle of Good Hope

outh Africa has one of the richest historical sites known to man, Cape Town however is home to the oldest existing colonial building in South Africa, The Castle of Good Hope. A national monument and provincial heritage site that’s rich history makes this a definite bucket list experience.

Built in the 17th century by Jan van Riebeeck using clay and timber, this East India Company star fort was originally located on the coastline of Table Bay, due to land reclamation it was relocated inland where it still stands to this day. Almost being sold for a mere £83.340, the Castle of Good Hope has survived many a threat of being demolished for materialistic and/or personal gain.

Interestingly enough, parts of the Castle’s defense system were the moat which had sections of it rebuilt in 1994.

Today the Castle opens its doors willingly to the community for events and gatherings of all interesting sorts. There are two wonderfully quaint restaurants De Goewerneur is open 7 days a week and caters for events and functions on request, however the standard menu is scrumptious simply to come and enjoy. The Waterblommetjie is a garden eatery, perfect for delicious lunches and breakfasts.

Tours are given at the Castle from Monday – Saturday unless there is an event on at The Castle. The rates are ridiculously cheap for the amazing historical richness that you will walk away with. Contact The Castle of Good Hope to make bookings or enquiries: Tel: (021) 787 1249 / Email: castlebook@mweb.com

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