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The Best burger spots in Cape Town

There is nothing like the burger. According to legend, a man from Athens, Texas by the name of Fletcher Davis was the first person to have served, or at least invented what is known as the burger. It was two slices of bread, jam packed with ground beef patties, bermuda onions and had a pickle on the side. The burger has come a long way since the 1880’s and the mouth watering options that are now available to us is far from simple and ordinary… there is no end to the burger and especially in the Mother City, the heart of the creative soul, below are some of the best burger spots known and loved by everyone!

Hudsons – The Burger Joint

Not only can you win a Hudsons gift voucher to the value of R300 by creating your own burger, which if you win will be listed on the specials for an entire month, but Hudsons is dedicated to the incredible creative genius of all that a burger can be and more. They are situated all over Cape Town with a restaurant in Claremont, Green Point, Hazelwood, Stellenbosch, Parkhurst and Gardens. Each place has a list of what one would call the cream of the burger crop. All the burger patties are free range and grass fed and oh, so scrumptious. Hudsons meat is definitely without a doubt a level above the rest and when adding their wide range of toppings it becomes music in your mouth. Beyond the burgers, which are priced very fairly, is an awesome menu which includes everything you could ever need in a burger joint. Visit their website at www.theburgerjoint.co.za and check out their amazing offers, and while you’re at it, create your own burger, who knows maybe your idea will be our special for a month!

Royale Eatery

The Royale Eatery is poetry in burger tongue, they offer over 50 gourmet burgers and as they put it so elegantly – “Not just any burgers, burgers that make your soul tingle and your dreams come true.” Every classic royale comes with 160g of pure awesomeness in a beef patty basted in a sauce that should be secret to every restaurant, but that’s what makes Royale Eatery so special. All the burgers are served with either sweet potato fries or run of the mill ones, or a delightful greek salad. The Cosa Nostra is an absolute favourite between the regulars and for very good reason, it has sun dried tomato pesto, mediterranean roasted veggies and melted mozzarella. Check out their phenomenally deliciously divine menu on their website www.royaleeatery.com and make sure to visit them at 273 Long Street Cape Town.

Gourmet Burger

Its fresh, fantastic and phenomenal, Gourmet Burger is truly the most unbelievably delicious choice on the tongue of every burger lover. Not even mentioning their deluxe burgers of which the Lamb Mediterranean is the most tantalising of all, stuffed with lamb, blue cheese and herb mustard, sounds simple but Gourmet Burger has a way of making it the most intense experience that always calls their patrons back for more. The classic burgers range from your classical juicy beef patty, with garden greens and sweet onion relish, right up to the sensational Chicken Havana which is marinated in sweet chilli and soy sauce, topped with tropical fruit salsa. Make a point to squizz through their unbelievable menu on their website at www.gourmetburger.co.za or pop in and try their awesome burgers out for yourself, they are situated at 98 Shortmarket Street in the Heritage Square, or at The Bridge, Shop F1 in Cavendish Connect.

Gibsons – Gourmet Burgers and Ribs

Situated on the Victoria And Alfred Waterfront, Gibsons is not only home to the amazing handspun ‘wow’ milkshake which when combined with their burgers, creates a universally unmatched perfection to the tastebuds. Mondays, they offer two of their tower resembling burgers for the price of one, and there is not a Monday that Gibsons is not jam packed with their burger loving patrons, so make sure to get there early. The prices are reasonable, the burgers are enourmous and the service is phenomenally awesome. Their menu which ranges from a gigantic version of the classic burger, to the famous Beirut beef burger which contains their scrumptuous homemade hummus and tahini, can be downloaded from their website www.gibsonsburgers.co.za but there are also a list of their weekly specials and the epic competitions that Gibsons always have running. Its hip and happening and perhaps one of the most impressive burger joints in the whole of Cape Town. Gibsons definitely deserves five stars for remarkable everything.

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