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Ten best things to do at night in Cape Town

Every city and place on earth changes when the sun sets. The mother city does so with an elegant graceful beauty that gives visitors and locals incredibly exquisite sunsets to red carpet their entrance into the nightlife that she offers up with butterflies in every stomach for the intensely wide variety of entertainment that rises when the day falls. Clubs, pubs, theatres and night excitement in Cape Town is an entire world on its own and has been reviewed as being just as captivating to the soul as the exquisite beauty that the day offers to those who find themselves in the bosom of the mother city.

Long Street & Surrounds: Bars, clubs and pubs in the long, Long Street are packed and plentiful. There is without a single doubt something to tickle everyone’s fancy. At 226 Long Street, there is the famous Fiction DJ Bar and Lounge with a terrace overlooking  Long Street, it invites those who enjoy moving the bodies in tune to pumping electro, or anything that’s in. Julep is more or less opposite a place called Lola’s and is rather discreet in its placing however it’s a divinely relaxed and laid back lounge vibe with grooving tunes that give it a rasta sort of feel with class. Zula has three main bars, heads the main upper part of Long Street with its continuous changing events and pumping tunes throughout the week, they always have something going on especially the awesome live mike nights that allow the crowd to hear the talent of Cape Town first hand, they only allow in the best of the best. Irish loving is always a great thing to find and Long Street is home to The Dubliner, excellent beer and food and fantastic vibes all night long.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront: Shopping, eating and relaxing to an array of different mood creating entertainment offered by the V&A Waterfront is exclusively fantastic. There are so many restaurants to choose from with many leading brand names on the list and many of them that offer cosy seating and grand fireplaces to ensure warm and comfortable dining on Cape Towns more chilly evenings. The Greek Fisherman is one of these fireplace nooks that offer out of this world traditional seafood and a Mediterranean cuisine that will without a doubt have you coming back for more. The Grand Café and beach is another epic Cape Town experience that combines beach spirited liberation with gorgeous chic décor consisting of Indian rugs and oversized chandeliers coupled with a bistro-styled menu that as mouth-watering as it is diverse. There is, of course, something different at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront if you want a little more romantic and intensely exhilarating at the same time, the Galileo Open Air Cinema which provides a modern upper-class version of what the older generation remember as being a drive-in. This is a far more luxurious outdoor experience though, and no cars just walk in movie lovers. There is also the very entertaining Cape Town Comedy Club, with very reasonably priced light meals and great specials on drinks, not to mention the excellent comedians that are hand-picked by the owner and famous South African comedian Kurt Schoonraad, this is definitely something to make sure you attend.

Lions Head Full Moon HikesSome people like the indoors and some are more attracted to the fresh air natural nightlife. Lions Head is usually scattered full of hikers, both professional and novice alike taking on the windy paths, chains and ropes to the peak of Lions Head. On the night of a full moon, weather permitting, the summit of Lions Head provides one of the most awesomely unforgettable panoramic views of Cape Town known to man. With the moonlight streaking the horizon and the large open ocean creating an awe-inspiring vista of astronomical proportions, the moonlight changes the city bowl into a magical fantasy world with skyscrapers and lights seemingly mysterious. It is quite a climb, but if you go well prepared to take enough water, warm jackets and a friend or five, having a night picnic up on the top of Lions Head is breathtaking, to say the least.


The Cape Town nightlife is incredible, there are so many marvellous venues, restaurants, pubs, bars and night shopping including the amazing Century City’s Canal Walk that there will never be a boring night in the mother city. When the sun sets, the upbeat fun seems to find each and every soul taking part in its incredible never-ending entertainment. If you like a little more of a naughty twist to your dinner then Mavericks in the city bowl provides excellent high-class eye candy, cheap burgers and beer to make sure all your hungers are satisfied. No matter your taste or craving, Cape Town definitely has something to quench your desires.

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