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Strawberry picking in Cape Town

It’s a summers day trip that will treat the entire family, if not just couples or strawberry lovers alone, and who doesn’t love strawberries. There is a completely different air about picking and eating your own fruit, perhaps it’s the realisation that mother nature provided these beautifully delicious morsels through hard labour and taking it from her bosom just makes it all the more delightful to devour. Cape Town has two of the top strawberry farms, and each of them have their own unique flavour of activities and entertainment. Below is a run down on these incredible places, make sure to go and take a whole day off to experience the phenomenal joy in strawberry picking.

Polkadraai Farm

Situated on the M12 Stellenbosch Arterial Road in Stellenbosch, Polkadraai Farm offers the juiciest crimson red strawberries known to man. Not only is the farm large and luscious, but they produce enough to allow the activity of strawberry picking to be easy and fun for the whole family. They are open right through September to January from 9am – 4pm and only close on Christmas day. If you are a group or family of less than 20 there is no need to make a booking. The prices are incredibly decent and range from the junior picker which is R35 for the container, to The ultimate picker which is priced at R190. They rate that 20 – 30 minutes will ensure that you would have finished strawberry picking, for that price and the marvelous outing that it is, its definitely worth it. Not only do they offer incredible prices for the strawberry picking but there is face painting for the little ones, an enormous playground, mini golf, pony rides and a really well served food court with a fair and scrumptious menu on offer. Make sure to check out their website for more details www.polkadraaifarm.co.za

Mooiberge Farm Stall

Besides the fact that Mooiberge Farm Stall has divine strawberries for the picking, they are also famous for their delightful array of Scarecrows. There are a set nicknamed ‘the spice girls’ and when you see them you will understand, then there are scarecrows driving tractors, as well as others cleverly placed to seem like they are riding bicycles through the strawberry fields. The Mooiberge Farm Stall is situated between Somerset and Stellenbosch on the corner of the R44 and Annadale road, in one of the most incredibly beautiful spots known to man. There are more than strawberry picking reasons to visit Mooiberge Farm Stall, and these reasons lie on the shelves of the farm stall, there are fruit rolls in every flavour imaginable as well as preserves, jams and bottles of curried vegetables, nuts, oils and biltong, none of which can be found anywhere else except here. Many people travel here simply to purchase their delicious products, the strawberry picking being a bonus. Contact them on 021 881 3222 / mooiberge@mweb.co.za

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