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Spier Werf Market – go on, try this new food market in the Cape winelands

Many visitors to Cape Town have heard of the city’s fabulous food markets, but Dax Villanueva, the man behind popular Cape Town food, wine, lifestyle and travel blog Relax-with-Dax, goes further afield and finds a firm new favourite.

Few people know about Spier Werf Market, the Saturday food market at Spier Wine Estate outside Stellenbosch. That’s because it’s still fairly new.

The market takes place in the restored werf (“yard” in Afrikaans) area of the estate and has everything from organic vegetables to pasture-reared eggs. Of course there’s also plenty to snack on while you’re there, including local cheeses and freshly-baked breads and pastries.

The Spier Werf Market takes place from 09h00 to 14h00 and offers a wide range of delicious food offerings: expect traditional South African dishes, artisan spirits from Hope on Hopkins distillery, pulled pork from the on-site Hog House Barbecue and delicious tacos from Taco Combi.

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