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Shakespeare at Maynardville

Both the names Shakespeare and Maynardville open air theatre have rich and well beloved long histories, when these two names are joined, one is faced with the incredibly famous Shakespeare in the park productions that have been a resident experience enjoyed by hundreds and thousands of Shakespearean lovers as well as the general public alike since the Shakespeare in-the-park inception by Maynard open air theatre in 1955.

The Maynardville open air theatre was originally brought into its fame by many a famous ballet production including Les Diversions and Les Sylphides, which began on the 1st December 1950. It is only after the original owner Margaret Molteno, an extremely influential Cape philanthropist invited both Rene Ahrenson and Cecilia Sonnenberg to establish the Shakespearean seasonal productions which blossomed into what is known today as Shakespeare in the Park that Maynardville open air theatre truly earned its stripes and stars. Every Shakespearean piece performed and showcased is of the highest caliber and the entire production is always talk of the entire Mother City. The last piece to be highlighted was Othello, directed by none other than Fred Abrahamse, with both the sensational set as well as the detailed designs of the costumes perfected by Marcel Meyer. The phenomenal and definitely unforgettable music score cleverly captured and conveyed by Charl Johan Lingerfelder and the lighting which truly finished off the edges with a perfected shine was designed by Faheem Bardien. The entire production of Othello is unforgettable to say the least, something of a twist which Shakespeare himself would perhaps have glinted at. Definitely, without a doubt an experience not to be missed.

All productions at the divinely breathtaking Maynardville open air theatre can be purchased through Computicket, and a detailed summary of the productions themselves with following acts and supporting acts can be found on the Artscape website, www.artscape.co.za. Make sure to visit the Mother Cities incredibly famous Maynardville open air theatre and experience at least one, if not ten times more thrilling productions in a setting that is kept pristinely clean by the Maynard Park Action Committee, and is perfectly safe in the heart of a natural beauty under the beautiful skies of one of the most beautiful cities on earth, Cape Town.

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