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Romantic Helicopter Rides in Cape Town

Cape Town is a City of Romance. Okay, maybe it is not quite up there with Paris but when you get under the covers of the City it sure is. But getting under the covers is not the only way to experience the sexier side of the city, there are some Romantic Helicopter Rides in Cape Town that take things to a completely new level of Romance.

Cape Town Helicopters are the masters at providing Romantic Helicopter Rides in Cape Town. They know how to help any man or woman woo their loved one with something magical, loving and very different.  

It does seem hard to think that Helicopters and romance can go hand in hand but with Cape Town Helicopters it sure does. For Romantic Helicopter Rides in Cape Town that blow all other romantic experiences away, Cape Town Helicopters has the solution. If you want different then you are in the right place.

For some people, Romantic Helicopter Rides in Cape Town can simply be a short flip on a sunny afternoon given as a surprise treat. A short 30-minute late afternoon flip followed by dinner at the V&A Waterfront makes an amazing and totally different romantic date. Because Cape Town Helicopters are a  stone’s throw from some of the best restaurants in the world, this is a perfect way to spoil a loved one.

Romantic Helicopter Rides in Cape Town are not just about flying in a state of the art, built for tourism helicopter they can include some wonderful dining at one the Cape’s best wine farms. Cape Town Helicopters offers romantic lunch trips to over twenty superb wine farms across the many wine regions. Making a romantic day out by seeing the sights of Cape Town from a place reserved for the birds is something amazing. Follow this with a wine tasting and some of the most impeccable cuisine and culinary delights on earth, it is fair to say that Cape Town Helicopters understands romance.

However, when it comes to Romantic Helicopter Rides in Cape Town almost anything is possible with Cape Town Helicopters. From a romantic picnic on a mountain to a full day that includes a ride on a Harley Davidson the choice is beyond belief and whatever floats your boat when it comes to love and romance is possible.

How about a round of golf with your loved one? Even this can be turned into one the most Romantic Helicopter Rides in Cape Town with a choice of courses to play on. Who knows, when it comes to your love life or that special anniversary gift this may be the hole in one you are looking for.

Really though, it is the memories made when flying with Cape Town Helicopters that provide the real romance. Surely, there is nothing better than talking about a truly happy experience and sharing your enjoyment with your loved one over a glass of Cape Chardonnay as the sun sets and you just chill.

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