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Salon91 contemporary art collection is a boutique-style gallery and art consultation service located in Kloof Street. The gallery showcases work by emerging and established contemporary artists of all disciplines, and is passionate about developing brand new talent.

Exhibitions rotate every three to four weeks, keeping things fresh and exciting.


EXHIBITION TITLE: Figuring Difference

SHOW DATES: 10 August – 3 September
ARTISTS: Nelson Mukamo, Patsy Groll, Lucinda Mudge, Lara Feldman, Daniel Popper

Figuring Difference is an exhibition of portraiture by South African artists. The difference that they seek to figure lies within themselves, their subjects and between the artists on the show.


EXHIBITION TITLE: Realm… an urban enquiry
OPENING EVENT: Wednesday, 7 September 2011 at 19h30
SHOW DATES: 7 September 2011 – 1 October
MEDIA: Watercolour and Ink on paper.
ARTISTS: Gabrielle Raaff & Lorenzo Nassimbeni

Realm is essentially an exploration of the urban landscape or ‘realm’, a zone of common interest to both exhibiting artists. Gabrielle Raaff interprets the urban landscape artistically, and the resultant work is interestingly architectural in the way it communicates to the viewer. Lorenzo Nassimbeni is an architect, whose output is artistic. While Raaff’s compositions are built up of shapes, Nassimbeni’s works are identified by line. Methods of abstraction are employed by the artists to suggest the liminal spaces or ‘spaces between’ buildings. Raaff communicates these ‘realms’ by way of the absence of shape and Nassimbeni through the absence of line. These liminal spaces challenge the viewer to read into the artworks, their personal interpretations occupying the implied space, and it is also at this point of abstraction, where the collaboration between the two artists truly finds its voice. The result is a collection of tranquil, subtle, yet poignant works by both artists.

91 Kloof Street

021 424 6930

Gallery Hours: Tue-Fri 10am – 6pm; Sat 10am – 2pm; Mon & Sun closed

Gallery Director: Monique Du Preez

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