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Learn to fly because there is a global need for 637 000 new pilots

Many young people dream of flying and becoming a pilot. But it is not just young people who have the same dream, even adults stuck in humdrum jobs are thrilled at the thought of flying and maybe, just maybe getting paid for it. Aviation Pilot Traning in Cape Town respects those who dream of flying and can help make those dreams come true.

Learning to fly is one of the most exhilarating things known to man, being in control of an aircraft and feeling the freedom of flight and the open skies is a sensation that is beyond belief. Learning to fly in Cape Town takes the joy of learning to fly to a completely new level as the landscape and scenery is so impressive. Aviation Pilot Training know that many people look up to the skies, watching a Boeing fly overhead and say to themselves “I wish I could be flying there right now” feeling extremely jealous.

Getting to the point of flying a big jet is not as hard as one may imagine, but it does take passion and determination. Every pilot has to start at the beginning, and that is where Aviation Pilot Training plays their role. With the entry-level Private Pilot Licence a whole new world of jobs opens up for those who want to fly for a living, and it is as easy as 1-2-3.

International Opportunities

Aviation Pilot Training is based in Cape Town and just because they teach people to fly in Africa does not limit the career opportunities to the continent. Pilot training is what it is, and the trainers at Aviation Pilot Training are some of the best in the world. The trainers know and understand the big dreams some students have but keep them grounded in their ambition to diligently train them as world-class pilots. The training given is equal to any training anywhere else in the world no one must think that learning to fly in South Africa holds back any global ambition.

With a pilot license gained in Cape Town, the global pilot vacancies become open, and there are growing numbers of vacancies. A recent report compiled by Boeing indicates that 637,000 new pilots will be needed over the next 20 years. Some experts are warning that many airlines may have a pilot shortage within the next decade, you could help solve the problem. Flying careers have never been more in demand, not just by potential pilots but by those who need people to fly their planes.

Start at the bottom to fly to big jets

No matter what job or career dreams anyone has as a pilot, every pilot starts at the bottom. One cannot just turn up and begin flying one of the new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft having only read a book on the principles of flight. Every pilot, even those who captain the giant Airbus A380s were all once on the bottom rung with a Private Pilots Licence.

At Aviation Pilot Training anyone can begin a fantastic flying career by learning to fly a simple single engine aircraft. Even the trainers had to start somewhere and if you want to begin your flying career why not learn to fly in Cape Town?  

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