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Jason Bakery Cape Town

Jason Bakery, formerly Jardine Bakery, occupies the ground floor of what was once Jardine Restaurant. The space has undergone a serious facelift and Jason has added an a la carte menu to the mix but the heart of the bakery remains unchanged with its utterly delicious offering of melt-in-your-mouth pastries, bakes, breads and sandwiches.


Laborare Est Orare.

Most people have absolutely no idea what goes into making a loaf of Sourdough, or a bagel or the “humble” croissant. Humble nothing. When it comes to true craftsmanship, a croissant is anything but… That little mofo actually takes three days to make. It doesn’t have to take three days but what sets Jason Bakery apart is an unwavering commitment to an authentic production process, one that has been 21 years in the making, and is filled with 100% pure butter and the finest stone-ground flour. Quite frankly, Jason doesn’t f**k around. But why spend 3 days of your life making a croissant or a loaf of bread when most people don’t, in an age that is heavily controlled by instant gratification, quick returns and fast food? Integrity. And because truly delicious things (ones that aren’t filled with preservatives and fake flavour enhancers and all the other bullshit that mass-production revels in) take time. Not to mention skill.

Did you know? A Jason Bakery sourdough loaf is good for those who have been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity or diabetes. You can thank 60 hours of fermentation and the acidity of a Sourdough for that.


Peruse these Babies.

We keep it real. We keep it fresh. We keep it interesting. There is no bullsh*t in any of our products. We use the best ingredients available to us. We try our best to be ethical, free range, organically-minded and sustainable. Its about quality, not quantity. We bake today for today. Our leftovers are donated to a local charity. We get creative on the weekends, the menu differs quite a bit from the weekdays.  The focus is on viennoiserie, confectionary and kickass breakfast items – say hello to the doughssant and flapjack stack!

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Quench that Thirst

Our coffee is the bomb. 100% Arabica. Single Origin. Single Estate. Certified Organic Nicaraguan Espresso Beans. Pulled standard as a double shot because it tastes better.  Although, we’ll serve you a single shot if you ask nicely. Don’t even think about ordering a Cappuccino, long live the flat white! Consistency is super important to us, which we achieve by combining the skills of our super friendly baristas with the best coffee machines and grinders available. The result is great coffee, again and again.

Visit Jason Bakery from Monday to Saturday for breakfast, lunch, coffee or drinks. Open 7am to 3:30pm Mondays to Fridays and 8am to 2pm Saturdays.

Website: http://www.jasonbakery.co.za/

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