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Jason Bakery

Its fresh and it has personality. When you think of a bakery, you think of worn out chefs with anger issues that hide away for fear of attacking the customers who are always right with a french loaf, or you think of the South African, Ouma’s pantry that started a small bakery and thought it would be a better place to be than in front of the television, or even a place that smells good, has good produce but it’s a buy and leave relationship, well Jason Bakery has none of that except that it smells like a mixture of heaven and all things heavenly and everything they have on offer is exceptionally awesome.

Jason Bakery is like poetry on the uncharted rose lips of a well read female, they have a sense of humour and sarcasm which dances magic in between the visitors and the delightful treats that they have on offer. There is not a dish that doesn’t have the word design wrapped in every inch of its being, in fact it’s a pity that most of the incredible delicacies are not repeated but then again, Jason Bakery does not spell redundant and everything is new and artistically epic.

Flavours are full and filling, fillings whether they be in the savoury or in the sweet are insanely and immaculately suited to swindle your tastebuds into making your eyes far larger than your stomach and making sure your brain does not care about this fact, and that every mirror or reflective surface on the way home lies profusely. Jason Bakery is also not only a take away, it’s an intensely comfortable restaurant vibe as well as really epically great for the little ones as there is outdoor seating as well.

Jason Bakery is also home to incredulously heavenlike coffee, so for all those coffee lovers out there, even though you wil definitely not have a coffee and refuse to inquire about and then purchase and then indulge everything you are in the daily Jason Bakery doughssant. The doughssants are so insane that they could honestly have a shop of their own, each and every day a new style of doughssant is created, its art and its edible and incredible. There is nothing like the Jason Bakery doughssant in all of the mother city, so next time you want to grab a bite to eat, make a stop at 185 Bree Street and grab a doughssant, and a beer and then after squizzing at the menu, try everything else too… you will be back for more!

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