How Helicopters save the Easter Bunny in Cape Town

Have you ever wondered how all those Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns are delivered in and around Cape Town?  The Easter Bunny has a secret; he uses a helicopter and not just any helicopter in Cape Town.  

Yes, the secret is out.  The Easter Bunny prefers Cape Town Helicopters to help him deliver Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns. He knows that Cape Town Helicopters will also help you make Easter special this year.  

The Easter Break is on and there is a lot to do in Cape Town and so much to see. If you are rushed for time, a helicopter can help you cram in as much as possible with some romance, some mind boggling scenery seen differently, a round of golf or just getting from one place to another like a VIP or with super convenience.  Cape Town Helicopters is the number one helicopter company in Cape Town. The Easter Bunny wouldn’t think of using any other company, he needs the best to make sure all those Easter Eggs get to where they need to be and fast!

With a fleet of ultramodern Airbus Helicopters, Cape Town Helicopters fly passengers in style and comfort. Whether you are choosing a 30 minute helicopter flip along the coastline of Cape Town or making lunch in the winelands special, Cape Town Helicopters does it better than anyone else. The modern helicopters ensure all passengers get a view other aircraft reserve for the pilot; the Easter Bunny loves this because he can see exactly where his Eggs need to be delivered.

The pilots at Cape Town Helicopters love the machines and they know how to get in real close to places other Helicopter companies cannot.  The new airbus Helicopters are whisper quiet and this means they can go places others cannot. How do you think the Easter Bunny gets to the places he goes to so quietly?

Easter is a wonderful time of year in Cape Town. Summer is often still lingering and the weather is perfect for flying anywhere. Sunset in Cape Town is known to be the best anywhere in the world as the city shows off her majesty. With a late afternoon or early evening flip with Cape Town Helicopters, passengers can see a sunset in a unique and unforgettable way. Once all his Easter Eggs are delivered, there is nothing more the Easter Bunny enjoys more than seeing the sun go down from the seat of a helicopter at 2,000 feet.

Cape Town Helicopters can make Easter Special for anyone. Take the Family for a flip to see the Mother City from a new perspective, help the kids spot places of interest or granny’s house perhaps. For a special Easter treat why not do lunch in Franschhoek or Constantia by Helicopter, your loved one will never forget this day out.

It is really quite obvious why the Easter Bunny chooses Cape Town Helicopters to make his job easier.  Why not find out just how awesome Cape Town Helicopters for yourself and book a flip, a day out or even a wildlife safari this Easter.  Who knows, the Easter Bunny may just surprise you.

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