Hearts and Helicopters: Making Valentine’s Day Special

February is the month for lovers and Valentine’s Day brings out the romantic in everyone.  But how can a Helicopter make Valentine’s Day special?

The answer is easy, all it takes is some romance and clever thinking, and once you realise how much your loved one means to you the answer will flow.  A Helicopter flip over the City of Cape Town is enough to take your breath away and a simple flip as a valentine’s gift for a special date out will be something that is never forgotten. When you take your loved one up in one of our sleek, modern Airbus helicopters, you will see a smile on his or her face that you will have never seen before. Whether you are a young couple celebrating your first Valentine’s Day or a married couple with fifty behind you a flip with Cape Town Helicopters will never be forgotten.

But why not take things a little further?
A flip over the mother city but combining it with a meal in the winelands or even a safari at Aquila Private game reserve can be ultra-romantic.  Get creative and imagine the most romantic date ever, celebrating your love in celebrity style with helicopter as your transport. Making sure the roses, chocolates and champagne are waiting on your arrival your lunch date on a wine farm will be a tough one to beat.  A helicopter adds something special to the whole Valentine’s Day experience.
Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of the Cape summer season. February is warm and sunny and with almost certain perfect weather, a picnic is always a romantic. Anyone can pack their bags and picnic hamper and head to the beach to say “I love you” but with Cape Town Helicopters we can up your game.

With Cape Town Helicopters we can fly you, your loved one and picnic hamper to a remote Cape Winelands mountain top.  Here you can have a dream valentine’s day picnic. An unforgettable private picnic in the heart of the winelands will blow your loved one away. A bottle of champagne will be the cherry on top making this a Valentine’s Day you will struggle to top next year.
Of course, Valentine’s Day is a day when many men get down on one knee and say the immortal words “Will you marry me”.  With Cape Town Helicopters, we can make this moment special and memorable to the point where she will have to say “Yes”. Firstly, the proposal can be part of a flip or a trip. With some careful planning it can even be on board one of our helicopters. 

Cape Town Helicopters is renowned for pushing the boundaries when it comes to delivering what our customers need.

Secondly, and for those a little crazier a helicopter can be a bigger part of the message. With planning and timing, a helicopter can lower a banner with the words “will you marry me” in a place where your loved one is bound to see it. It’s called being creative.  As the leading helicopter charter company in Cape Town, we love helping those in love as much as we can.
You don’t just have to be romantic on Valentine’s Day, you can be romantic at any time. With Cape Town Helicopters, we are only too happy to make things special. Your heart and our helicopters will always let your loved one know you love them.   

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