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Fun Facts you didn’t know about Cape Town

Visiting Cape Town as a tourist is one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences that you will ever have, however the tour companies tell you mostly only what is considered to be the framework of the mother city, however beneath her skirt lining are incredible age old secrets that are really kept that way by the locals. It is a richly diverse city with endless places to visit that offer a lifetime of incredible entertainment and memories to be had, however it is the little secrets that give the mother city her finely tuned exquisite nature.

Chapmans Peak Drive’s secret cave: If you drive along the famous newly renovated exquisite Chapman’s Peak Drive until you reach the second lookout point, slip through the railings and take a careful hike down the mountain which veers slightly to the left, here you will find a breathtakingly beautiful sand stone cave that sports the most incredibly secluded views of the ocean and its beautifully blue vista. Take a picnic basket and blanket with and enjoy a marvelous afternoon of delightful awe-inspiring beauty.

Tunnel Vision: Good Hope Adventures presents difference and excitement in their incredible Tunnel Tours under Cape Town. Most of the tunnels reach all the way back to 1652. Most of the tunnels are gently flowing with the sweet waters of Table Mountain. The epic tours start at the iconic Castle of Good Hope which is the oldest surviving structure in South Africa.

HintHunt at the Old Biscuit Mill: If you have never enjoyed a 60minute game of HintHunt then it is definitely time to get your family or friends and dive into exclusive first hand detective playing, located at the Old Biscuit Mill in the Old Biscuit Mill. The Old Biscuit Mill in itself is a wonderful hub of quaintly elite shops and a wonderful shopping experience with a great market available as well.

Clay Café in Hout Bay: There is hardly any place where children and parents can take part in an activity and both be entertained whilst walking away with the most beautifully divine handmade ceramics. Clay Café has this all covered, plus they have the added bonus of offering a mouth watering menu to entice both adults and children. When the kids have had enough of creating there is a lovely play area that will keep the children busy for hours whilst the parents complete their artistic creations.

Mzoli’s: There is no better experience to be had, if what youre looking for is real, down to earth, rustic and as true to the township living as possible, than the meaty Mzoli’s. Situated in Gugulethu, this unbelievably amazing pub, restaurant offers the visitor the nifty option of choosing your own meat, once chosen, they braai it to your liking and bon appetite! Skaapkop and other traditional meals are also offered, and enjoyed in conjunction with true South African beers. The vibe is mixed and nothing like mayhem, but there is never a quiet day.

Sunrise, Sunset and Full moon hikes: It’s a site to remember forever, in fact it is definitely something akin to what poets and creatives describe heaven to be like. Whether you choose to hike up Lions Head to enjoy the sunrise, the sunset or experience the magical full moon, Lions Head is a favourite hiking spot for all who wish to view the vista of the mother city in all its brilliance whilst enjoying a not so strenuous hike up a section belonging to the Table Mountain range.

Sandy Beach: If youre a naturist or a nudist and youre looking for that place that allows it all to hang out without getting arrested for public indecency then Sandy Beach is definitely the place you should visit. The beach has soft white sands and the divine ocean is a wondrous spot for swimming.

Twelve Apostles:  Forming part of the incredible Table Mountain range, The Twelve Apostles frame the Clifton,Camps Bay and Chapmans Peak Drive. They are home to largely uncharted hiking paths and lovely rivers and picnicing spots that most people do not venture too, mainly because of the poor advertising, perhaps it is better to keep it as secret as it is. There is also a hotel nestled in its beauty, named the Twelve Apostles Hotel which contains a rare traditional Arabic Rasul cleansing ritual chamber and rain shower. Not to mention the high class unbelievably exquisite facilities that make up the rest of this intimately private hotel.

Glass bottom sea viewing: The only glass bottomed passenger vessel in South Africa is named the Circe Launches. If you want to see the bottom of the ocean without getting your feet wet, you have two choices, either visit the Two Oceans Aquarium where all the marine life from both the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans are exquisitely displayed, or take a glorious cruise on the Circe Launches. With two glass viewing ports at the bottom of the boat. There is comfortable seating outside on deck as well as the upper deck offering fabulous viewpoints of the voyage, Circe Launches cabin also boasts comfort throughout the journey.

The mother city has a large variety of nooks and crannies that hold gems waiting to be discovered by tourists and being the tale of magic on the tips of their tongues forever. Some of the secrets have been mentioned above, however there are so many more that are kept secret waiting for you to discover them and spread the word about how Cape Town holds the most incredible variety of awesomeness in all the world. Truly the mother city is home to a treasure trove of interesting and inspiring experiences that will satisfy the cravings of every tourist to ever set foot on the mother cities soil.

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