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Escape the Winelands crowds

The Winelands beyond Cape Town attract plenty of tourists, but what if you’d rather avoid the crowds and the tour busses in favour of something more authentic? Winelands tour guide Stephen Flesch has just the place for you…

One of the estates I love visiting and taking my clients to is a small family-run winery in the Helderberg region, called Grangehurst.

The cellar is run by winemaker Jeremy Walker and his wife Mandy; a lovely couple who really do make beautiful wines. They have a small vineyard, but the main focus of their production is buying in grapes that they turn into wonderful wines.

They are primarily a red wine producer although they do also have a rosé made from five different grape varieties.

The key thing about Grangehurst is that they make wines in a classic way; these are wines that are meant to age. When you go to the cellar you’ll taste wines from 2006 and 2007. They are ready to drink now, but they will also age happily for another 10 or 15 years.

They are wonderful people with lovely wines, plus it’s an intimate tasting room with no crowds.

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