Cheapest Helicopter Rides Cape Town

What is the best way to see Cape Town?  By foot, by bicycle, by car or by bus?

The answer is none of the above. The answer is by Helicopter. For the cheapest helicopter rides in Cape Town, you need look no further than Cape Town Helicopters. With the latest and most modern helicopters, the widest variety of trips and adventures and by far the best pilots Cape Town Helicopters should be your first choice.

Seeing Cape Town from a few thousand feet gives you a unique view of the Mother City and being the cheapest helicopter rides in Cape Town does not mean this view is impaired in any way.  The only way Cape Town Helicopters can offer the cheapest helicopter rides in Cape Town is because of the modern fleet it owns and maintains.  New Airbus Helicopters use far less fuel than any other and on top of this, the aircraft are quieter and more agile.

But it gets better; the cheapest helicopter rides in Cape Town also give passengers the best experience. The helicopters used by Cape Town Helicopters have been purpose built for tourism. Whether you choose a 30-minute flip along the coast, a trip down and around the peninsular or choose to take up one of the many other adventures you are guaranteed a seat with a view.

Experience matters, Cape Town Helicopters have been flying tourists over the Mother City for many years. Our pilots love what they do and they love the machines they fly. Because of this they make the cheapest helicopter rides in Cape Town something special every time. Knowing where to see what and when, pointing out landmarks and even going down low to see points of interest are all part of the adventure.

However, Cape Town Helicopters don’t just offer the cheapest helicopter rides when it comes to short 30-minute flips. As a full helicopter charter company the full range of services is extensive. From VIP transports to horseracing or polo events, executive golf days to luxury safaris, Cape Town Helicopters makes anything that bit special by including a helicopter.  

It is not just touristy things that Cape Town Helicopters is renowned for. The commercial aspect of the company has made it the go to helicopter Charter Company in Cape Town. Cape Town Helicopters may offer the cheapest helicopter rides in Cape Town but it also provides the most diverse and most affordable range of commercial services requiring a helicopter. From aerial photography needs to heavy or high lifting services, Cape Town Helicopters is the leading helicopter services company in the cape.

Cape Town Helicopters has worked hard to become the number 1 helicopter charter company in Cape Town and works harder still to remain in the top spot. Come and pay us a visit and take a flight with and you will find out first hand that firstly we offer the cheapest helicopter rides in Cape Town and secondly we are the best. Come fly with us and create a memory you will never forget.

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