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Chapmans Peak Drive

There is nothing more exhilarating than snaking the famously sneaky Chapmans Peak Drive on two wheels with no hands, out of peak traffic of course, but that freedom is something akin to paragliding and freefalling over the Atlantic.

The great Chapmans Peak was named after a lowly ship’s pilot, John Chapman, after rowing out to find provisions because the Consent had been becalmed in what is now known as Hout Bay, and returning with the nickname of the looming peak as Chapmans Chaunce (Chance). The great winding road has seen many a landslide and rock fall in its years and therefore many closures for upgrades and repairs.

The engineering done on Chapmans Peak has come a very long way, with various solutions being conceptualized over the years, there is currently catch fencing, portal canopies, rock shelters, half tunnels and terrain modelling in place to ensure the safety of those using the great Chapmans Peak. The highest quality CCTV cameras, variable message signs, radar traffic detectors and a weather station linked via fibre-optic cables have been put in place to ensure ongoing adequate maintenance of the road. The entire engineering project won multiple prestigious awards in 2004 and put Chapmans Peak on the map for an example of South African engineering excellence.

For more information on this breathtakingly beautiful road joining the gorgeous Camps Bay with Hout Bay and beyond, have a look at there pristinely designed website that is updated daily to ensure you are always kept up to date with what is going on Chapmans Peak.

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