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Cape Town Helicopters and the Cavalli Gold Experience

The Cavalli Gold experience – something artistic and definitely unbridled with an air of the sweetest perfection known to man. Cape Town Helicopters brings you one of their speciality flights which takes you straight to the Cavalli Wine and Stud Farm, not before flying over the breath taking views of False Bay as well as the majestically incredible Helderberg Mountains. Cavalli Wine and Stud Farm provides an exceptionally unmistakably unique experience in dining, wine tasting and marvelling,as well as an art and equestrine journey that will inspire and flabbergast you at exactly the same time.

To start off describing the incredible magnitude of excellence that is the Cavalli Wine and Stud Farm, we look at the size, Cavalli is stretched over a wide expanse of exquisitely rowed vineyards and olive groves in between unimaginably beautiful indigenous landscaping, a complete phenomenal brilliance packed into 110 hectares of divine beauty, which also incorporates over 400 newly planted mature trees. There is a large training facility connected to 20 of the highest grade stables which are architecturally as breath taking as they are in harmony with the four legged beauties that they house. Cavalli sports a fully air conditioned vantage point, for the visitors to view the working horses, whilst in the comfort of a fully equipped and exceptionally comfortable lounge and bar.

The next wonder of Cavalli is the 600 square metre underground gallery that’s state of the art lighting mimics daylight from its translucent stretched ceiling. The gallery only showcases the most astounding works including local sculpture and art, there is also a Cavalli Estate Private Collection which is a spectacular experience all on its own. The artworks exhibited in the gallery are rotated right throughout the year and each exhibition is an artistic universe of brilliance. Within this intensely exceptional estate is the Cavalli Function Venue which is framed by 4 metre high ceilings designed to incorporate the imported Scandinavian oak with unmatched beauty, the floor to ceiling glass paneled doors and windows allow for natural light and ventilation and result in a world class venue of unmistakable eminence.

The wines of the Cavalli Wine and Stud Farm are produced from the heavenly vines in the Helderberg region which is known locally as the Golden Triangle of South African wine. Due to the combination of the cool summer breezes from the False Bay region as well as the influence from the greenery of the Helderberg Mountains, the vines produce wines with a complexity and first class phenomenal taste loved and appreciated the world over. All the wines produced at Cavalli are for sale on site.  Then there is the resident Chef Calum Anderson, and the Cavalli Wine and Stud Farm dining experience. Chef Calum has acclaimed international experience behind his flavour driven mastery that is evident in every dish served at the Cavalli Restaurant which has been the latest winner in the Eat out Style Award.

The entire Cavalli wine and stud farm is excellence from start to finish and this is the very reason why Cape Town Helicopters prides themselves in flying you to and from your memorable Cavalli Gold journey. There are many magical tours offered by Cape Town Helicopters, however the Cavalli Gold experience is by far of the highest caliber with an elegance and superiority in its entirety that should without a doubt not be missed.

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