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While nothing beats the act of actually manning and manipulating the controls of an aircraft or helicopter, have you ever considered the benefits of simulators in flight training?

Its Safer- Zero Risk
Clearly, the closer you are to the ground, the safer you are! One of the primary benefits of simulation in flight training is the safety aspect. Simulators give you the chance to learn about and experiment with aircraft controls and handling techniques, practice normal and emergency procedures, all from the safety of the ground. Without worrying about making a detrimental mistake, you’ll feel much more comfortable learning the flying tasks at hand.

You can learn more in less time
One study suggests that an hour of flight simulation training is worth as much as two hours in an aircraft. This means you can learn more in a shorter timeframe when you incorporate simulation into your flight training – making the whole process more time- and cost-efficient.

You can train at any time
Flight training in an aircraft generally comes with the limits of light and weather. However, one of the benefits of simulation in flight training is the opportunity to practice anytime of the day, or night, and regardless of what the weather’s doing outside. Our flight simulators are available 24/7

More affordable than flying
With ATC delays, weather delays, fuel, maintenance and insurance, training costs start to add up when you fly an actual aircraft. Using a flight simulator, on the other hand, cuts out some of these costs, easing some of the financial pressure of learning to fly. You can reduce the number of airborne lessons you need by utilizing flight simulation. At the end of the process, you’re likely to see major savings compared to the cost of learning everything in the sky.

Repetition improves knowledge and skills
If things don’t go to plan in a simulator, the end result is far better than when things don’t go to plan in a real aircraft. Flight simulation means you can have another go at honing your skills, without worrying about the consequences. With the ability to quickly repeat manoeuvres and procedures, you quickly build up the necessary knowledge and skills that make you totally prepared for when you hop into the cockpit.  

It recreates tricky conditions and scenarios As pilots, we need to practice and develop our Aeronautical Decision-Making (ADM) process. Pilots can benefit from using flight simulators, for practicing emergency procedures or experiencing unique flying circumstances before they happen in the air. 

A simulator is able to recreate any type of weather, over any type of terrain to help students practice the necessary techniques and procedures for mastering these conditions, whether it’s rain, wind, ice or snow.

Many types of aircraft failures can be recreated in a simulator to prepare a pilot for similar in-air failures. From ice build up and engine problems to electrical malfunctions and manoeuvre errors, you’re given a first-person viewpoint on what it’s like to go through an emergency scenario and how to properly respond.

Stay proficient As you progress through flight training, you’ll become aware of how important it is to constantly be practicing, even after you obtain a licence. Regardless of if you plan on pursuing your instrument rating or commercial license, it’s crucial that you maintain proficiency in the cockpit. Flight simulators provide an affordable way to keep your skills sharp so that you’re always safe in the sky.

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