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The world has finally cottoned on to the fitness factor. Everywhere in the world people have become health conscious and a large part of this is exercise. Keeping your fitness regimes up to date is usually a problem when traveling to other countries or even when traveling from city to city, as nothing is the same on the other side. Cape Town however caters for the health fanatic and fitness devotee. There are epic gyms at your disposal as well as morning or evening running groups that you can join, as well as designated areas scattered throughout the mother city where there is outside gym equipment for anyone and everyone to use. Your mind and body can find solace when traveling to one of the most beautiful cities, on earth in that your fitness levels will be well looked after, the list below contains the top two gyms, running groups and other various fitness groups you can join on your voyage in Cape Town.


There are many groups in the mother city that organise running expeditions on a weekly basis, some go as far as trail running and covering extensive distances by time trials, however most of them do not cater for tourists as well as the Atlantic Athletic Club does. The club was started late in 1979 and has grown over the years to have a membership total of 350 members to date. The club encourages runners from all walks of life to join them in exploring the incredible beauty of Cape Town through the many club runs that they organise which take place all over the greater Cape Town area. Their base is situated at the Hamiltons Rugby Club in Green Point and whether you are an overseas tourist or hail from another city in South Africa you are more than welcome to join them on any of the runs listed under their club runs which can be found at www.atlanticathletic.co.za/run-with-us/visitors-cape-town. Alternatively feel free to contact their Administrator on sullyett@mweb.co.za


Unless you have your yoga regimes down to a tee, a yoga studio with professional instructors in a modern upmarket tranquil environment is the place to be. There are hundreds of yoga studios in Cape Town and some are exceptionally brilliant but not as easily accessible as Yoga Life is. Yoga Life is situated in the CBD, Waterkant Street, and is a grand yoga studio equipped with everything you need. If you have not brought along a yoga mat on your travels then you may use one at the low cost of R10. There are starter classes for free and the entire centre is a friendly welcoming environment that will having you wish there was a Yoga Life in your city back home. Make sure to check out their website at www.yogalife.co.za

Rock Climbing

Cape Town and Johannesburg is home to the epic CityRock. The facilities are of a first class standard, sporting 9m high walls for top roped climbing as well as lead rope climbing, there is a 250m² area dedicated to bouldering, which is the largest around. CityRock also has a outdoor gear shop which is jam packed with the best of the best gear in the country at extremely reasonable prices for both the local and international brands that they stock. The yoga studio is without a doubt a bonus, so if you like what you see you could use CityRock for both your rock climbing and yoga exercises. CityRock also boasts a wonderfully quaint coffee shop with free WIFI. The personel are extremely friendly and highly professional so make sure to make a point to check out their website on www.cityrock.co.za

Outdoor gymning areas

Sea Point and Green Point’s Urban Park, Cape Town is home to the best outdoor gyms in the mother city. Both areas are stocked with all purpose, all weather equipment to strengthen and provide a full body workout whilst overlooking the beautiful scenery that both Sea Point and Green Point have to offer. The outdoor gym consists of leg presses, gymnastic rings, horizontal ladders and cross trainers to name but a few of the epic machines. Under 13’s are not allowed on the machines without adult supervision. There really is no better way to exercise and have the incredible views and outdoor vibe that the promenade life has to offer.


The Sea Point promenade is the most epic outdoor area to visit on a blue sky, hot sunshine day. There are hundreds of restaurants, bars, coffee shops in the surrounds and what better way to visit them all than on a bicycle. Upcycles brings you the fastest, first class option of renting an awesome bicycle and going to see the sights, the promenade as well as perhaps cycling to Cliftons beaches, even daring Camps Bay. Make sure to experience the cycling in Cape Town, whether for intense exercise purposes or simply to exercise and see the sights, killing two calories with one pedal. Catch upcycles on www.upcycles.co.za

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