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Cape Town Dog Parks

If you’re a dog lover then you know that the hassle of taking your furry friends for a walk in the city or your home areas is usually one of the biggest nightmares known to man, unless your canine has the personality of a rabbit, it is not a desirable thing to look forward to. Luckily enough the mother city offers fantastic parks where your animal family members may be taken for a walk without the stresses that the cities promise.

De Waal Park is one of the most beloved and well known dog parks in Cape Town. Situated beneath the overpoweringly majestic Table Mountain in the heart of Oranjezicht, which is close to the epically arty student area of Gardens. The park is rather large with a beautiful water feature in the center of the park. There is ample seating and a large amount of grandly beautiful trees for shade when a picnic is in order, and there is not a soul that doesn’t appreciate a picnic. The beauty of De Waal Park is the off-leash liberty that is boasted by the park. There have perhaps been an incident or two where the canines disagree but there has never been an incident which has ended in anything too serious. Dogs will be dogs at the end of the day, and seeing as most animals take after their owners, and all the owners that enter de Waal Park are usually of a good temperament, the peace is mostly granted. De Waal Park has also become such an amazing attraction that they often have exciting events taking place. There are toilet facilities and the water in the water feature is for the animals to quench their thirst as well.

The other option is the Green Point Urban Park which is open between 07h00 and 19h00 daily, there is ample play and exercise equipment, it’s a large park with a lovely atmosphere, the park however unlike De Waal Park does not allow you to keep your dogs off their leash, however even leashed your dogs will love the walk that the park provides. Visitors are also urged to pick up and dispose of their furry friends excrement. Dogs are not allowed to enter the Biodiversity Garden.

Dogs and their owners can enjoy a leashed stroll on the promenade as well and if your canine is well mannered and not going to eat the neighbour a leash is not something too necessary, however some of our animals are as unpredictable as some humans and so leashed may be better, safer than sorry.

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