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Cape Town Day Tours

Whether you have come to visit one of the world’s most beautiful cities with its 7th natural wonder of the world set majestically in the heart of all its splendor, for a day or a month, day tours are extremely appealing. They appeal not only to tourists who have a large bucket list to complete, but also to the average Joe who is a born and bred Capetonian and who wants something to do with the family that is not only cost effective, which day tours usually are, but will offer an exciting excursion as well as an array of wonderful sites to see in a single day. Below is a comprehensive list of companies that offer day tours as part of their packages and whose pricing is definitely not steep, and the best value for money as well as excellence.

Cape Town Helicopters:

Cape Town Helicopters offer day tours to the wine lands, leaving you to choose between the great Stellenbosch, Franschoek, Durbanville or Constantia. They also offer exceptionally detailed specialised tours that range from the Cavalli Gold Experience right to Shark cage diving with a twist. They have so many tours on offer and with the exceptionally marvelous service that they provide whilst priding themselves in owning the best fleet in Cape Town as well as the most professional and friendly pilots and staff, there is no better way than to spend the day with a birds eye view of the incredible beauty of the Mother City. Have a look on their website for more information on the flights and charters that they offer, or to make a booking: www.helicopterscapetown.co.za

City Sightseeing:

The red double decker topless bus is really famous all over the world, and what would Cape Town be without this incredible company and their iconic buses touring the streets and all the famous sought after spots that the Mother City has on offer. Each tour that City Sightseeing offers is translated into 15 different languages, they love kids and have incorporated a grand audio channel specialised just for them, all the tours have hop on, hop off options no matter how big or small the tour chosen is, booking is as easy as clicking on their website and the maps with optional hop on hop off spots is a click to download away. Their tours range from experiencing the 7th natural wonder of the world, Table Mountain, to discovering the beauty and epic tastes that the various wine lands of the Western Cape offer, right to delving into the intricate secrets held within the townships, as well as enjoying a magnificent sunset on the iconic Signal Hill. There are so many grand tours on offer and with such an incredible company offering them there is no choice but to go and book your selection of tours on their website: www.citysightseeing.co.za/cape-town.

Cape Town Day Tours:

Dedicated solely to the market of Day touring and the unbelievable magic that Cape Town encompasses, this grandly run company offers detailed tours without delay. They have a wide selection of Cape of Good Hope Tours with precise times and places outlined so that you can plan your day accordingly. Their city tours range from a 9 hour tour which incorporates not only Table Mountain, but Robben Island as well, and then there is the shorter 4 hour tour which is a jam packed excitement starting at the peak of the majestic Table Mountain and ending within the heart of the CBD. The tours then move on to choices between culturally orientated tours which include rich historical visits that enlighten on the facts and myths of the Apartheid regime. Cape Town Day tours also offer various Robben Island Tours, Safari Tours and tours of the entire Garden Route. The company is run by the extraordinarily knowledgeable couple, Warren and Saskia. They have also added the brilliance of allowing you to let them know of the places you need to tick off on your bucket list and they will tailor make a tour to suit your time and needs accordingly. Make a point to check out their website on www.capetowndaytours.net

Cape Convoy:

Cape Convoy is quirky and quintessential to the traveler who wants something excitingly different served with a shot of wit on the side. They have an incredible amount of patience for those who would like to have their tours tailor made and tailored to perfection.  Their flagship tour, which is the full day Cape Point tour is famous for its detailed, intensely marveling brilliance and splendid experience achieved whilst covering Cape Town from the white beaches of Clifton through the famous Chapmans Peak drive, dancing with the boulders penguins, right to Misty cliffs and all the interesting nitty gritty awesomeness in between. There is never an unwilling face to help if you happen to have a date set in mind that seems full, Cape Convoy will always find a way to make a plan and make you feel accommodated. They have a whole array of other fabulous day tours on offer including exciting wine land tours which will tantalise your taste buds without a doubt, so check out their website and make a booking today: www.capeconvoy.com

Bikes ‘n Wines:

Hundreds of fabulous options lay before your fingertips when choosing how to tour across and through the marvel that is the mother city, however people don’t realise the intense thrilling experience of traveling and sight seeing Cape Town on a bicycle. Bikes ‘n Wines, not only brings you an incredible opportunity to hire a bicycle for as long as you would like and go touring on your own or in a group of your choosing with map in hand, but also the phenomenal experience of touring Cape Town on bicycle in organised day tours. Bikes ‘n Wines tours range from full day tours in Stellenbosch, Wellington, Franschoek, Cape Town itself, Grabouw, Hermanus and Cape Point. There are also half day bicycle tours available in three of the above mentioned regions. Amongst the long list of exceptionally out of this world experiences found in their perfectly tailored tours, Bikes ‘n Wines are more than happy to accommodate you and your bucket list of needs and make a tour just for you. Make a booking or request that special tour tailor made for you on their website: www.bikesnwines.com

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