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Cape Town Best Things to Do

The hub of all things hip and happening, the mother city offers so many marvelously wonderful things to do that its quite impossible to mention everything in one single article, however because in South Africa we have a saying that goes, ‘Local is Lekker’ we have first hand knowledge of the most exhilarating and exciting things on the Cape Town menu and these epic and entrancingly memorable experiences are listed below for your pleasure!

Table Mountain: Cape Town’s world renowned iconic and majestic Table Mountain which is known as one of the world’s new seven wonders in nature, has an array of extremely exciting things to take part in. The first and probably most well known is the Table Mountain Cable way Cable Car. Providing a 360 degree panoramic view of the Mother City and the beautiful mountain all the way up and down, you can also purchase all year round tickets. Table Mountain is also home to the most exquisite hikes on the planet. Instead of taking the Cable Car up the mountain, most people hike up through echo valley at the top, have lunch at the top and take the Cable car down. The Table mountain range also includes Lions Head, Devils Peak and The Twelve Apostles. All these have their own unique delightful hikes, it mus however be noted that Devils Peak is more than treaturous and the hikes offered are not for the inexperienced at all, many a hiker have lost their lives or been seriously injured from falling or getting lost on Devils Peak.

Paragliding: Paragliding over the beautiful Cape Town is intensely enthralling to say the least, if you have never paraglided before, perhaps it is time to do so now, with an exquisite panoramic view of the incredible divinity that is this city, there are a handful experiences that can possibly come even close to the amazingly liberated experience that is paragliding. The best company with the most experienced flyers who have an absolute passion for being up in the air, and swear they would live up there if it were possible is Fly Cape Town Paragliding. If you are a local in Cape Town or a tourist, paragliding over the mother city should without a doubt be on the top of your bucket list.

Helicopter vista: Believe it or not there is a quietly refreshing way to take to the skies in a safer option than paragliding above, its called a helicopter tour from Cape Town Helicopters. There all new and improved top of the range EC130 is as silent as they come, their staff are experts in their fields as well as being amazingly friendly and manage to always leave visitors with a smile and a memorably awesome experience.  Their Two Oceans tour is one of the favourites among visitors so make sure to visit Cape Town Helicopters and tick off one or all of their tours on your bucket list.

Shark Cage Diving: Cape Town waters are home to the Great White Shark, terrifying images spring up in most minds when mentioning the mere idea of this once thought ferocious creature, however the Great White Shark is a largely misunderstood creature. That being said, it is definitely not advised for one to go and swim with these sometimes hostile creatures, for animals are largely unpredictable, no matter how much we know about them. It is however definitely advised to take off the time to go and experience diving with professionals and Great Whites together. There are many companies out there offering fabulous experiences but three main ones stand out for their absolute excellence in the field. White Shark Diving Company has 100% safety rating also offers you a free trip if no sharks are found on the trip that you pay for initially. Go Shark Diving is another fantastically professional company that will ensure your satisfaction as well as having the option to chop and change tours to suit your needs. The last recommended company would be Apex Shark Expeditions, the founders are extremely passionate about these animals and besides having a world of knowledge about them and their habitat, they ensure an educationally enthralling experience.

Glass bottom viewing pleasure: Circe Launches is the only glass bottomed passenger vessel in South Africa, now if you don’t want to get wet but still want the experience of seeing the inside of the beautiful ocean life that Cape Town has to offer then there is no better option than buying a ticket aboard this incredible boat. There is ample outside deck seating as well as upper deck viewing and even more comfortable inside cabin seating. There are two glass viewing ports at the bottom of the Circe Launches and both provide an unbelievable perspective of the inside story of our oceans.

Cape Town is home to so many awe-inspiring things, from the night life to the marine life to the exquisite flora and then the Capetonians who in themselves have always had place in their heart to welcome tourists from all over the world. It is not called the friendly city for nothing.

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