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Cape Point Helicopter Flights

Cape Town is a massive place to explore for anyone and for those on a short visit this becomes a huge but exciting problem. With mountains, museums, oceans and more there is so much to cram in but with a clever and innovative helicopter company such as Cape Town Helicopters, the solution is found. The assortment of Cape point helicopter flights from Cape Town Helicopters brings together as much or as little of Cape Town that any tourist could ever wish to see.

It is little wonder that Cape Town Helicopters is the leading helicopter company in Cape Town and Cape Point Helicopter Flights are just a small part of the proof. Each flight departs and arrives back at the V&A Waterfront in the heart of Cape Town and one can easily have a light breakfast to kick off the helicopter adventure before strolling over and checking in.

Cape Point Helicopter Flights from Cape Town Helicopters treat every guest like a first class passenger. Checking in for your flight over the peninsula you are welcomed by happy and cheerful staff and after a short briefing, your adventure can begin. There may be time for a coffee before take-off and sitting outside with the hustle and bustle of a busy heliport around you really get the adrenaline flowing.

In no time at all, you are called to meet your pilot who will show you the aircraft that make Cape Point Helicopter Flights from Cape Town Helicopters special. The aircraft is a state of the art Airbus helicopter designed with tourism in mind. Posing for a photo in front of the sleek and elegant machine the VIP treatment kicks in and you are shortly ushered to your seat.

Strapped in and ready to go, the Airbus Helicopter soon shows off its magic. Taking off over the harbour the almost 100% glass cockpit gives each and every passenger the perfect view. These amazing birds make Cape Point Helicopter Flights with Cape Town Helicopters the only way to grab the best Bird’s eye view of the Cape.

Heading briefly out to sea your experienced pilot will soon have your eyes opened as Cape Town flows underneath and around you. Hugging the coast the Cape Point Helicopter Flights head down towards Hout Bay, passing over Camps Bay and then on to the place mariners once thought the Indian and Atlantic oceans met.

Cape Point is a magnificent place and from the air, its true splendour can be seen as only Seagulls and eagles normally view it. Flying around this place of outstanding natural beauty your eyes open wide and soon you are racing along the false bay coast up and along until just before Muizenberg where your pilot heads back inland and back to the V&A.

With final close up views of the magnificent Table Mountain, Cape Town Helicopters leaves every passenger with a head full of memories that will never fade. Once landed the smile on the face will tell a story that only you will know but if anyone asks just tell them about the Cape Point Helicopter Flights with Cape Town Helicopters and they will soon know the full story.

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