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Camps Bay Beach

Camps Bay Beach is not just a beach it is an experience, from the early hours of the morning in summer to the sunset honeymoon walkers, the pristine white sands and the cobalt blue sea attract hundreds of tourists and locals all through the year.

Camps Bay Beach has been labeled as a Blue Flag Beach since 2008, which means that according to the specified beach meet the stringent criteria of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Some of the criteria are listed below:

  • Environmental education and information: Information about the Blue Flag programme must be clearly displayed. Information about bathing water quality must also be displayed clearly and there must be a minimum of 5 environmental activities on offer.
  • Safety and Services: First Aid equipment and an adequate number of lifeguards must be made available at the beach. There must be safe access to the beach as well as the beach being patrolled. There must be accessible toilets for disabled persons. A supply of notable drinking water must be made available on the beach.
  • Water Quality: compliance with the standard of excellent bathing water, as well as there being no industrial or sewage related discharges that affect the beach area. Algae and other vegetation should be left to decay on the beach unless constituting a problem as well as there being a procedure to monitor the health of coral reefs located anywhere in the vicinity of the beach.

Camps Bay Beach meets the above requirements and more with absolute excellence. Not only are there phenomenal sunsets to enjoy, kite surfing, surfing and swimming, volleyball and areas for braais and picnics, but right across the main road are an array of delectable restaurants and shops for visitors to explore. There is the Mezepoli Meze & Wine Bar which is delightful to enjoy a light meal, The Zenzero with its exquisite views and scrumptious menu including to die for Italian dishes, Codfatther Seafood and Sushi which has the most amazing fish down the entire road, as well as The Hussar Grill where if you prize your steak, then you will find superior satisfaction here.

Camps Bay Beach is truly a wondrous experience, whether you join the team with Shift South Africa on a soul finding meditation gathering on the beach, or simply go to sun tan under the African sun, there will always be something amazing on offer in Camps Bay.

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