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Baguette sandwiches

When a vintage bicycle, basket filled with the most delicious looking sandwiches, appeared outside Deluxe in Church Street about 18 months ago, we were intrigued. When we finally tasted the sandwiches, and learned that owners Steph, lighting specialist, digital retoucher and man of many talents, and Luciana, a location scout for 11 years, started Baguette sandwiches with a mere R300, we knew there was an interesting story to tell.

While appreciative of Deluxe’s really good coffee, Steph was somewhat less enthused by the lack of food. Over drinks with Carl and Judd, Steph announced that he’d be taking matters into his own hands. Carl and Judd may have thought it a joke, but Steph had other ideas and approached Luciana with his idea.

Lucianna, by her own admission, is no chef, but she does, she says, make good sandwiches, a skill acquired, at least in part, by her preference for ‘real’, natural, free-range food, free of colourants and preservatives.

The best ingredients and a variety of really good bread were sourced, a vintage bicycle – supplied by film industry legend Braam of Propeller Period Props – was renovated and basket added, and Baguette Sandwiches was in business – right outside Deluxe.

It was an idea whose time had come, because Capetonians snapped up the tasty goods in no time; if you kept your eyes on the Baguette Facebook page, you’ll remember many a day when they were sold out in less time than it took to say, “Hmm, I think I’ll pop down and get a Baguette Sa…”

But, as they say, all good things change. In Baguette’s case, though, it was for the better. The same divine sandwiches, delivered to your office? Don’t mind if I do.

Baguette delivers about 800 sandwiches a week to offices and hungry Capetonians in and around Gardens and the CBD; just phone in or SMS your order and they will deliver. It’s as easy as that. Wonderfully fresh, simple sandwiches using the very best ingredients. Real good food.

While you can’t buy from the bicycles on street at the moment, due to the focus on deliveries as well as a bit of red tape, which Steph and Luciana are busy wading through as they are committed to trading within the bounds of the law, you can pick up a sandwich at Bean There in Wale Street. Perfect for those days you forget to order. Contrary to popular perception, even Capetonians get really busy.

Baguette also does functions, conferences, corporate lunches and more,but for all orders over sandwiches you’ll need to give a day’s notice.

You can also find them at certain events and markets. However, Luciana told me that these are chosen carefully. One of the reasons why they opted for bicycles was to keep costs down; less overhead means better prices, particularly given the quality ingredients they use. We suggest following them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on all things sandwich.

Back to those sandwiches two lucky B-guided staff members, Terri and Alex, got to enjoy. Alex writes:

Terri and I shared both, one a Wholewheat with Chicken & Avo, the other a Pretzel with Bacon, Feta & Pepperdew
Both were very delicious. Great amount of toppings and filling; fresh &delicious. My favourite was the Chicken & Avo. However, I would love to taste both again but swap the baguettes – so have the chicken filling on the pretzel and the bacon filling on the wholewheat. I think the bacon and Danish feta would work really well with the wholewheat!

Terri sums it all up:

This may well become a daily treat and may just convert all of the Foundry tenants!

The best way to decide your favourite, of course, is to place that order.


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