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Ad hoc artisan coffee carts

In our opinion good coffee deserves a food group all of its own. It does more than just fuel our days; when we’re approaching deadlines at B-guided, coffee is often our sole food source. Which perhaps explains why we are as passionate about featuring new coffee purveyors as we are about the beverage itself.

If you were at Rocking the Daisies earlier this month you probably enjoyed some great coffee from the Ad Hoc artisan coffee. Ad Hoc’s excellent artisan coffee served from gorgeous Victorian style coffee carts, are available for festivals, markets, weddings – in fact, any event your imagination can dream up.

Ad Hoc’s motto is “Life’s too short for bad coffee”. Ours is, “Every event is better with good coffee.”

Check out their Facebook page, where you’ll find all the details and see some fantastic latte art at the same time.

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