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1, 2, 3, 4 Beaches… Camps Bay

When entering the Clifton, Camps Bay area, youlle know you have by the energy and hype of all things fantastically plastic and perky, designer labels on every single body you pass, million rand cars give way for their sporty superior pricey tagged models parked along the road for all too see and of course a collection of the most exceptionally attractive women you can find in South Africa, this might also very well be the reason that topless tanning on beaches 1, 2, and 4 is definitely not frowned upon.

There are 4 main beaches before you get the famously beautiful Camps Bay Beach. Starting from Camps Bay moving backward, we find the locally frequented beach, 4th beach. It’s a divine spot for all who dig their toes into its white sands, there are rock pools to swim in and many dare dive off the high boulders into the sea, however this is not advised for people that are not strong swimmers. 4th beach is perfect for picnics in the sun, so bring a beach umbrella for the particularly hot days as well as an ample supply of sun tan lotion, it is also the one beach besides Camps Bay that sees the common sport of volleyball and more often than not, there is a person or group of people practicing the ancient indian art of yoga. Nothing like some spiritual exercise on the exquisite 4th beach.

The Mother city is home to the pink rainbow, it has one of the largest concentrations of gay people in the world, and 3rd beach is a well known area frequented by men, it is the known spot where gay men may be free and let it all hang out, hook up and perhaps find a friend or two. It is not a nudist beach, Sandy Beach is kept apart for that, but 3rd beach does ‘belong’ exclusively to the gay men of Cape Town. It is a beautiful beach but has had its tabboos and cannot really be labeled good or bad if one has not experienced it for themselves. 2nd and 1st beach are rather smaller and quieter, not frequently visited and more isolated. The seas are a little unfit for safe swimming as the currents around the surrounding boulders make it a little more dangerous than the other beaches.

If an excellent upmarket experience is what youre looking for with white beaches and the more than often topless tanner in sight, then the Clifton-Camps Bay area is where your looking stops. Remember that for an overall beautiful unlabeled beach, Camps Bay main beach is definitely the beach that you should choose.

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