Learn to fly because there is a global need for 637 000 new pilots

Many young people dream of flying and becoming a pilot. But it is not just young people who have the same dream, even adults stuck in humdrum jobs are thrilled at the thought of flying and maybe, just maybe getting paid for it. Aviation Pilot Traning... Read full article

Helicopter Pilot Training in Cape Town

It is fair to say that someone can learn to fly anywhere in the world, but there are few places better than Cape Town, South Africa.  Cape Town is fast becoming the leading place to learn to fly, and Aviation Pilot Training is one of the leaders in t... Read full article

Father of Helicopter Flight

June is the month that Dads all over the world celebrate father’s day. In this month of celebrating Fathers at Cape Town Helicopters, we salute every single dad and felt it fitting to introduce you to the father of helicopter flight, Igor Sikorsky. I... Read full article

Cape Point Helicopter Flights

Cape Town is a massive place to explore for anyone and for those on a short visit this becomes a huge but exciting problem. With mountains, museums, oceans and more there is so much to cram in but with a clever and innovative helicopter company such ... Read full article

Cape Point Helicopter Tours

Cape Point is one of the places nearly every tourist wants to visit when exploring Cape Town. However, for some the challenge is time and for others they just want to explore it differently. For each of these Cape, Town Helicopters has the solution i... Read full article