View from above: Where Cape Town Blooms all year round

Spring has sprung in Cape Town, and despite the water restrictions and challenges this creates,Mother Nature is still putting on a smile.  At this time of year Cape Town is renowned for its flowers, especially along the West Coast and what better way... Read full article

How Helicopters save the Easter Bunny in Cape Town

Have you ever wondered how all those Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns are delivered in and around Cape Town?  The Easter Bunny has a secret; he uses a helicopter and not just any helicopter in Cape Town.  Yes, the secret is out.  The Easter Bunny prefe... Read full article

City Buses and City Helicopters

Many visitors to Cape Town have limited time to see everything the Mother City has to offer. Cape Town has a lot to see and even when one thinks they have seen it all someone is bound to ask them “have you been too…”  or “have you seen…”.  With this ... Read full article

Hearts and Helicopters: Making Valentine’s Day Special

February is the month for lovers and Valentine’s Day brings out the romantic in everyone.  But how can a Helicopter make Valentine’s Day special?The answer is easy, all it takes is some romance and clever thinking, and once you realise how much your ... Read full article

Santa’s Reindeer’s back up

Its summer and Christmas has come to Cape Town and at this time of year there is so much to see and do. It is well known that once Santa has delivered all his gifts that he spends his time in Cape Town, he is difficult to spot but he is most certainl... Read full article